JEMAGWGA Gwylene Gallimard & Jean-Marie


Gwylene Gallimard and Jean-Marie Mauclet


Gwylene GALLIMARD/Jean-Marie MAUCLET (JEMAGWGA) have worked independently and collaboratively in France, Canada and the States, receiving support from the SC Arts Commission, Alternate Visions, Spoleto Festival, Ministères de la Culture, Humanities Foundation, Puffin Foundation, Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs, Alternate ROOTS, ArtPlace America and the NEA. He a sculptor, she a multi media artist, they have evolved from creating art pieces, to organizing two French cafés offering all the features of an art & socio-economic sustainability project; from generating rhizome-like art engagements, to challenging artistic approaches, experimenting with multi forms of collaborating through the arts as a community-engaged practice. They are members of Alternate ROOTS and Azule.


Gwylene (Ghislaine) GALLIMARD and Jean-Marie MAUCLET have worked for forty years, independently and collaboratively, in the field of visual arts in France, Canada and the States. They have developed permanent and temporary art-installations and programs, which have received support from Ministères De La Culture (Canada and France), the SC Arts Commission, Alternate Visions, Spoleto Festival, the Humanities Foundation, the Russell Foundation, the Puffin Foundation, Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs, Alternate ROOTS and the National Endowment for the Arts. They also have been involved in the development of Azule, a cultural art center in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. They are active members of Alternate ROOTS.
Their collaborative experiences include two community-oriented French cafes; art installations about the health insurance industry, the fast food phenomenon, religious beliefs and the memorialization of the past. They have been the lead artists of the multi year programs “My Journey Yours” with Refugee Family Services; “The Future is on the Table #3”, an international project based on gift exchange; “I still don’t get it: why do they want to be rich without us”, dealing with gentrification issues; “Olympia”, a residency and art installation about the life and transformation of two cotton mills and their villages. They guided The Charleston Rhizome collaborations of “Switching Roles – Jumping Fences”, “Changing the Beat”, and “You Comin”. In 2011 they have been lead artists in “Conversations With Time”, an inter-generational art project in West Baltimore and artists in residence at the Pittsburgh Glass Center to develop a show about “Penn, 10 more years”. In 2012-13 they worked with the Mississippi Museum of Art C3 series, creating “The Future is on the Table #4”, an art endeavor based on five partnerships. From 2014 to 2017 they developed with The Charleston Rhizome Collective the multi-media installation, an artists-educators-activists’ space and related events “conNECKted: Imaginings for Truth & Reconciliation.” The Charleston Rhizome Collective received an ArtPlace America award for their new project “conNECKtedTOO.” 

Jean-Marie Mauclet, received an MFA in Sculpture from the State University of New York in Buffalo and studied at Cooper Union in New York. His early work, from 1976 to 1980, comprised text-inscribed, large-scale steel and stone pieces. Sculptural works by Mauclet cover topics like globalization, gentrification, populations displaced by war, dictatorship: “Where to…”, “Si Continua” and “Vacancy”. He also designs and manufactures contemporary furniture.

Gwylene Gallimard’s endeavors have involved school populations, homeless communities, tenant associations, other artists and activists. Her media range from 5 miles of rope to canvas, to video. She directed the “Charleston/Atlanta/Alaska Challenge”, a participatory art and education program, culminating with an outdoor large scale installation, combining environmental studies, Native Alaskan culture and contemporary art. She was part of the Central American Festival Project of Appalshop in Whitesburg, KY. She has been a juror for awards like the Arts Commentary program of Pennsylvania Humanities Council and the Arts meet Activism program of the Kentucky Foundation for Women. She has been the chairman of the Alternate ROOTS Resources for Social Change program. Her work was exhibited at Galerie Dix291 in Paris, France. She holds a MFA in Media Arts from Concordia University (Montreal) and a Diplome de l’Ecole National Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (Paris).




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