JEMAGWGA Gwylene Gallimard & Jean-Marie

Portraits are Artsy Bully…

ADDRESS: 3A.100, Piccolo Spoleto 1993

Composition on the move: a make-up of Madame 1and Messieurs 2 & 3, Monsieur 4, Mesdames 2 & 3, Messieurs 3 & 5. Portraits are artsy bullies; they erase in the memory all other aspects of the model… Furnishing drawings? Is that the deal? “If the concept of ‘work of art’ can no longer be applied to the thing that emerges once the work is transformed into a commodity, we have to eliminate this concept with cautious care but without fear, lest we liquidate the function of the very thing itself…” (Berthold Brecht quoted by Walter Benjamin)

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